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Genshin Impact Best Team For Diluc

Genshin Impact Best Team For Diluc. Giving you better opportunities to obtain him as your starring character for your team. Diluc/xingqiu/bennett is his best core.

Genshin Impact Diluc Guide Best Build, Artifacts, Team from

I run a variation of comp #3 (diluc, venti, qiqi, bennett). Diluc is a consistent pyro dps that deals powerful damage per hit and spreads pyro easily. Genshin impact best team for diluc. Is Not Affiliated With Or Endorsed By Mihoyo.

This is a guide to making the best party in genshin impact. Venti w/ 4p viridescent venerer + favonious warbow. If the wielder uses a sword, claymore, or polarm, increase their normal attack damage by 35%. Is A Database And Tier.

I works hard to keep my’s genshin impact builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best diluc build for the meta. His main flaw is that his e can get interrupted (especially if you’re parsing), and your q’s full damage isn’t applied if enemies are too close/can’t get pushed back by the bird. Genshin impact best teams tier list.

That’s Why His Team Will Focus On Utilizing Burst And Cc.

With only 4 star characters, this is one of the best teams at a relatively low cost. To take advantage of this, it is recommended to use characters that will help boost the damage of diluc through buffs and reactions. Best anemo is kazuha though without a doubt, at least for diluc.

Learn How To Make The Best Party!

Weapon & artifact [genshin impact] hey, i’m zathong and this guide is about diluc build in genshin impact. We introduce the best party composition for each task including exploring areas, slaying field bosses, and more! This is a guide for making the best team and party setup in genshin impact.

Increases Vaporize And Melt Dmg By 15%.

Increases overloaded and burning damage by 50%. Diluc deals 15% more dmg to enemies whose hp is above 50%. This is a guide to making the best party in genshin impact.

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